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Want your brand to be an experience?

To be loved by customers, brands have to offer more than a stamp of quality and familiarity—they need to provide an experience.

Experiential brands create bonds with consumers that drive customer word-of-mouth, purchase loyalty, and stock price.

Traditionally, brands have been viewed as identifiers (BRAND=ID). Strategy focuses on building brand associations before purchase, and brand equity is measured by customer awareness. But the most powerful brands today are providers of great experiences (BRAND=EX). When brands are seen as experience providers, equity is measured by emotional bonding, lifestyle relevance and customer loyalty. Strategy focuses on creating and enhancing experiences for customers before, during, and after purchase.

The EX Group’s 5-Step CEM Framework™ provides the tools to build and sustain a great brand. This framework uses insight into the world of the customer to create experiences that are relevant across all touchpoints (communications, retail, online, customer interface, and more).

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