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Are you delighting your customers?

To compete today, you need more than customer satisfaction. You need customer delight.

Delighted customers will not only stay with your company, they will pay a price premium, try out new products, and promote your brand to their friends.

Delighting customers requires providing the right customer experience. This experience has to happen at every point where customers interact with your brand—from call-centers, to packaging design, to retail space, to new service innovations. All have to work together to create the right customer experience. When they do, you will delight customers and hold a powerful competitive advantage.

The EX Group offers tools for analyzing your current customer experience (where are you delighting? where do you come up short?) and identifying areas for quick improvement.

The EX Group’s 5-Step CEM Framework™, based on years of research and practical applications with companies, provides a management process to understand the world of your customers, create the right experience for them, and integrate that experience across customer touchpoints, and every level of your organization.

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