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Big Think Strategy
How to Leverage Bold Ideas and Leave Small Thinking Behind
by: Bernd H. Schmitt

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"SCHMITT practices what he preaches. When cajoling business leaders to free themselves from cautious, predictable Small Think strategy, he thinks big himself: calling as witnesses not just Apple and Dove, but also Odysseus and Mahler. This book opens up minds—and tantalizing opportunities."
—Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer, WPP Group plc

Business leaders need bold strategies to compete.  In Big Think Strategy, Bernd SCHMITT shows you how to bring bold thinking into business by sourcing big ideas and executing them.  With the tools and frameworks in this book, any leader can overcome "small think"—the inertia, risk-aversion, and narrow-mindedness that halt true innovation. Your reward? Big, bold, and decidedly doable strategies that leave rivals scrambling.

Drawing on years of advising corporate leaders on creativity and strategy development, the author explains how to bring fresh thinking into the planning process.  On SCHMITT's journey through the Trojan War, the iconic film Fitzcarraldo, and composer Gustav Mahler, he uncovers the essence of leadership and the sources of revolutionary change. Abundant corporate examples like Apple, Whole Foods, MySpace, IBM and GE—as well as organizations such as the Metropolitan Opera and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—reveal what "big think strategy" looks like in action.

Tested by executives in a diverse range of industries, the ideas and tools presented in this book will help you harness creativity in your strategic planning process—and position your firm uniquely for success.

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