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The EX Group helps clients to unleash customer-driven innovations.

Projects are built on our innovation methodologies, based on years of customer research and practical applications with companies. These methodologies provide a management process for understanding the world of your business customer or end-consumer and turning that knowledge into blueprints for innovation that will resonate with customers and add value to your firm.

Effective innovation begins with customer research guided by real life stimuli, actual customer lifestyles, and living/working environments. Benchmarking other companies across industries yields additional insight into hidden customer needs and untapped value. Structured panels and customer labs can then be used to uncover and evaluate powerful new opportunities for your company’s services, products and partnerships.

Our innovation projects range from targeted problem-solving, to brand makeovers, to the development of ongoing company processes for harnessing customer-driven innovation.

Client projects include:

  • Customer-focused innovation for product and service development
  • Innovation for business customer needs
  • Extending an established brand with innovative offerings
  • Designing customer-driven innovation labs