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Customer Profitability

The EX Group helps clients manage their customer profitability to improve customer strategy and achieve the highest return from their investments.

Projects are built on our customer profitability methodologies, based on years of award-winning research and practical applications with companies. These methodologies provide a management process for distinguishing between your profitable and unprofitable customers, measuring the impact of your marketing investments, and maximizing the total value of your firm.

Customer profitability management begins with our rigorous model that allows companies to measure their customer lifetime valueŚwithout investing in costly new CRM programs. Valuation tools link customer value to present and future firm value. Measurement techniques link the impact of marketing and customer programs to the key drivers of customer valueŚcustomer acquisition, customer retention, and customer margins.

Customer profitability management stretches from customer prioritization, to marketing strategy and measurement, to total firm valuation.

Client projects include:

  • Segmenting customers on profitability to target new marketing programs
  • Managing high-level valuation decisions such as mergers & acquisitions
  • Proving and improving your marketing ROI
  • Maximizing efficiency in the allocation of marketing resources
  • Optimizing pricing structures for current customers
  • Identifying new growth opportunities in customer acquisition, retention, and margins