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Customer-Centric Organizations

The EX Group helps clients build truly customer-centric organizations.

Projects are built on our organizational methodologies, based on years of research and practical applications with companies. These methodologies provide a framework for transforming internally-focused, engineering-driven companies into market-driven, customer-centric organizations.

Customer-centric organizations begin with empowering key managers to deliver on customer needs while drawing on the resources of the entire organization. Data must be managed to effectively target customers and offer services from all business channels. Product development that is truly "outside-in" is driven by market research and insight. Employee incentives must link performance and compensation metrics to customer-orientation.

Client projects include:

  • Developing cross-functional teams to sell integrated services
  • Customer innovation labs to capture user requirements and market opportunities
  • Aligning the organization, from senior management to CSR's, with delivering the customer experience
  • Leveraging customer data to increase new revenue streams from existing CRM systems