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The EX Group works closely with clients to develop fully-integrated brands that deliver relevant experiences that drive customer loyalty and word-of-mouth.

Projects are built on the 5-Step CEM Framework™, based on years of research and practical applications with companies. This framework provides a management process for understanding the world of your customers, creating the right brand experience for them, and integrating that experience across every customer touchpoint.

Creating the right brand experience begins with customer research that helps companies get closer to customers, guided by real life stimuli, actual customer lifestyles, and living environments. Insights are used to develop an experiential brand platform that is relevant to the customer’s lifestyle and appeals to their senses, heart, and mind. The platform is used to guide new executions and ensure an integrated brand through communications, products, service, personnel, and every customer contact.

Client projects include:

  • Launching a new brand
  • Bringing an established brand into a new market
  • Repositioning a declining brand with a relevant experience
  • Aligning the organization around the brand promise