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Customer Experience

The EX Group works closely with clients to develop fully-integrated customer experiences that drive customer demand and bottom-line growth.

Projects are built on the 5-Step CEM Framework™, based on years of research and practical applications with companies. This framework provides a management process for understanding the world of your customers, creating the right experience for them, and integrating that experience across every customer touchpoint, and at every level of your organization.

Customer experience research methods help companies get closer to customers, guided by real life stimuli, actual customer lifestyles, and living environments. Out-of-industry benchmarking identifies innovative practices and out-of-the-box thinking. Specialist panels and customer labs structure the innovation process and tap the power of customer-driven innovation. Training sessions inspire executives and frontline employees, while roll-out plans and project oversight ensure consistent delivery of the experience.

Customer experience management stretches from customer insight, to strategy development, to integrated execution across communications, retail, online, and every interface with the customer.

Client projects include:

  • Entering a new market with a compelling customer experience
  • Moving a B2B company from a product-orientation to a solution and customer focused organization
  • Delivering on customer service excellence
  • Organizational alignment around the customer experience