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Customer Experience Management (CEM)

As Bernd Schmitt explained in his book Customer Experience Management, managing the customer experience begins with proper analysis of the experiential world of the customer. Insights gained will form the basis the experiential platform, which will guide implementation across the key components of the customer experience -- the brand experience, the customer interface, and innovation.

Brand experience. This encompasses brand “look and feel” (logos, signage, packaging, retail space), communications (advertising, collaterals, and websites), and the design and experiential features of the product itself.

Customer interface. This includes all the dynamic contact with a customer. This includes face-to-face (in store, sales visit, hotel check-in, customer event), mediated interactions (call-centers, email, instant messaging), and automated interactions (e-commerce, ATM machine).

Innovation. Innovations improve customers personal and work lives. They keep the experience compelling, relevant, and unique. They can range from major new products, to small design innovations, to fresh marketing campaigns.

Providing the right customer experience across the brand experience, the customer interface, and innovation requires an integrated framework—the EX Group’s proprietary five-step CEM framework.

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