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A Customer-Focused Framework

Customers are the lifeblood of every company. But despite millions of dollars spent on marketing programs, many firms still fail to put customers at the center of their organization.

To become truly customer-focused, a company needs to maximize two sides of customer value:

  • Providing value to their customer—through customer experience management
  • Getting value from their customer—through customer profitability management

Customer experience management aligns the organization with customer needs and with delivering the right experience at every touchpoint. This drives bottom-line growth through new customer acquisitions, greater customer retention, and customer expansion (increasing sales and margins per customer).

Customer profitability management measures the return on investment (ROI) on each customer, so that companies can identify their most valuable customers and target their marketing investments to them.

The framework below shows how the EX Group helps senior executives to maximize growth and focus their entire organization on the customer, by

  • Aligning internal resources and the employee experience
  • Providing the right customer experience across every touchpoint
  • Measuring change in customer value (acquisitions, retention, expansion)
  • Linking the financial value of customer profitability to firm value

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