Reaching New Customers

The Problem
Carnegie Hall had little understanding of the concert-going experience it delivered to its audiences. Moreover, its newest concert hall, Zankel Hall, was intended to extend the Carnegie Hall brand and attract a younger, more cosmopolitan audience. However, Carnegie Hall had limited insight into the type of experience the target would appreciate.

The EX Group Solution
The EX Group worked with Carnegie Hall to gain a deeper understanding of its audiences, and to identify the opportunities to improve upon the overall concert-going experience in order to attract new visitors.

Immersing customers in the Carnegie Hall concert experience, The EX Group found out that while concert attendees felt positive about the core concert experience, they did not think that Carnegie Hall was a place for young people: the experience was too traditional and lacked innovation.

The EX Group recommended strategic changes that focused the Carnegie Hall master brand on its core strengths of tradition and high-quality performances, while extending its reach with a contemporary approach for Zankel Hall.

“Zankel Hall at Carnegie” has developed a distinct identity with specific initiatives to reach out to younger audiences. These include:

  • New programming with diverse forms of music (such as jazz, pop and world music).
  • Lower pricing relative to the other halls.
  • Targeted marketing efforts using new media and online contests.
  • A completely new kind of subscription series, the “Z-Pass”.
  • A better intermission experience at the bar and gift shop.
An edgy look and feel, with the use of technology and graphic design in communications.