Creating Differentiation and Relevance for an Asian Beauty Company

The Problem
To launch its flagship AmorePacific brand in the U.S., Pacific Corp, the leading cosmetics company in Korea, needed a solid marketing strategy that would differentiate the new brand in the crowded and highly competitive U.S. cosmetics market.

The EX Group Solution
The EX Group worked with AmorePacific to segment the U.S. cosmetics market, identify a target segment well-aligned with the company’s goals and core competencies, and develop a brand positioning strategy and experiential marketing approach.

The EX Group conducted original customer and market research, and developed a marketing strategy for AmorePacific centered around two premises: that U.S. women like natural ingredients, and that the desired (and desirable) target segment should be the YPC, or Young, Professional, Cosmopolitan woman.

Through understanding of what the YPC segment desired—making the most of the excitement of living in a big city while alleviating the stress of a busy life on their skin—The EX Group made AmorePacific relevant for YPCs through the experience platform: “Energy”.

The EX Group worked with AmorePacific’s creative agencies to bring the “Energy” platform to life through experiential offerings across all customer interfaces, from product offerings to communications and physical environments. Highlights included:

  • Focusing on AmorePacific’s advanced energizing properties through its uncommon natural Asian ingredients such as red ginseng and bamboo sap.
  • Creating a highly differentiated and energizing store environment, with energizing beauty treatments, energizing events at the store, energizing product and multimedia displays.
  • A “live” botanical mixing bar at the flagship store, where natural plant-based treatment ingredients are ground-up and mixed before the customer.

The overall result was a highly differentiated approach from other cosmetic brands, particularly other Asian brands that focused on serenity and calmness.

AmorePacific made its U.S. debut in September 2003 with a stunning flagship store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, and retail counter space at the prestigious Bergdorf-Goodman department store. The once-unknown brand quickly caught the attention of key industry-influencers and trendsetters through its differentiated brand positioning and experiential offerings.